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Our technicians hard at work, putting the finishing touches on an ASW-20C Glider. Alpha-Zulu Composites, LLC ®

Paul’s SR22 is actually comprised of two ‘totaled’ Cirrus’, one of which experienced a parachute deployment..
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Alpha-Zulu Composites, formerly Composite Solutions, Inc is a composite and structural repair facility owned and operated by Paul Gaines of Kingman, AZ. We manage a 10,000 sq.ft. facility, dedicated solely to composite applications, located directly on the tarmac of the Kingman Airport. We take on many different projects; Our work can range from simple cosmetic reconstruction to major structural repair, as well as aerodynamic enhancements.                                                                                                                                                                                   



Alpha-Zulu Composites, LLC was founded in 2013, by Paul Gaines, an AMP and Pilot license holder with 38 years of experience in aviation and composites. Gaines was born and raised into aviation, taking his first free-flight while still in the womb. Paul was first introduced to gliders at the Texas Soaring Association, where we ran wings/ropes at the age of 10. He flew solo for the first time at 14; By 16 years old he obtained his pilots license and had already begun to tinker with composite sailplanes. A young Paul would spend two summers at the Glaser-Dirks Flugzeugbau GmbH factory in Germany, he later attended Kennesaw State University, where he obtained a four-year degree in Finance. Paul has since made a living out of his composite knowledge and skills, and currently owns three aircraft, an ASW-20C, a DG-800S and a Cirrus SR22, all of which he regularly works on.